Useful Info

As well as your club kit you might be interested in other running related “gear”. The below might be useful contacts / ideas but Benson Striders are not responsible for your purchase decisions!

Running Shops (for training, clothing etc)

Runners Retreat, Marlow (mention Benson Striders to get a discount)

Fit2Run, Abingdon (mention Benson Striders to get a discount)

Sportwize Wallingford,

Good Reads / things to listen to

Runners World UK Podcast

End of the World Running Club by Adrian Walkerthis fiction book is apparently gets better with every page turn!

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall – an audio book about a group of tribal runners and a crazy ultra marathon. Covers a mix of elements on running shoes, running style and nutrition but mainly about the tribal runners

Eat, Drink, Run: How i got fit without going too mad by Bryony Gordon – this is Bryony’s story about how running helped her mental health.

Your Pace or Mine by Lisa Jackson – an amusing read of Lisa’s story but also about all the people she has met, reminding readers that the “party is at the back”

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