Couch to Half Marathon!

What an inspirational Strider Simon Argent is!

Whilst he is still basking in the glory of completing the Reading Half Marathon I thought I’d find out a bit more about how he went from doing the C25K in 2018 to a half marathon in 2019 …it’s an inspirational story!

Simon moved to Benson a couple of years ago and saw the flyers for the C25K. As it had already started it was too late for him to join so he started to run on his own .. but being unfamiliar with the location and some of the country roads he didn’t feel safe and so quit. Fast forward a year and he saw another C25K being run so he signed up ..

“Finding people to run with was fantastic. There was an enormous amount of encouragement and being part of a running club was something I had wanted to do but never managed – I always imagined a level of elitism which put me off”.

Sadly, shortly after completing the C25K Simon’s Dad was diagnosed with cancer,  so Simon didn’t keep up the running. Instead he decided to restart again at the next C25K but with the aim of continuing to a half marathon. He wanted to not only run for his Dad but also to raise money for Cancer Research.

Simon chose to do most of his training on his own, but never felt any type of exclusion. Through the C25K whats app groups he was able to report progress and received a huge amount of support. Strava was another source of encouragement from members (and pinching routes from others). Simon was diligent about completing his long run.. but was still nervous about race day.

RACE DAY…Simon reports race day was AMAZING. Loads of energy and support along the course. He came flying in at 2:31:10 !

So what’s next?

In the past Simon says he would have stopped but being a member of Benson Striders has given him the encouragement to keep going ..he plans to improve his speed and endurance .. and look for the next race (he wants more medals!) See you Saturday! … !

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