Jog Leaders

Our Jog Leaders are AMAZING! A huge thank you to each and everyone of them for leading us on such lovely fun and safe runs!

The Current Jog Leaders are  … (drum roll) …

    • Alice Jones-Evans
    • Anna Keith
    • Anna Malkin
    • Ben Keith
    • Colin Suttie
    • Dee Bryson
    • Dionne Simpson
    • Donal McGurk
    • Emma Hagues
    • Gill Young
    • Gina Russell
    • Harvey Poole
    • Ian Robinson
    • Jennie Hempleman
    • Ken Swan
    • Lindsey Stark
    • Larry Haywood
    • Neil Pocock

We are always looking for more jog leaders – they are the heart of our club!  Could it be you!?

It’s  not scary, and it  doesn’t matter what pace or distance you run. It’s about making runs safe and fun for all. 

What does a jog leader do?
– Decides on route (using our route library on the website if stuck for ideas)
– Helps to ensure that everyone on the run is safe
– Makes sure no-one gets left behind (by ensuring everyone loops back if ahead)
– Leads a group whenever they can (it doesn’t need to be every week and it doesn’t need to be every time you run)

How does a jog leader do this?
– Full training is provided, free of charge
– We provide a buddy system to allow new jog learners to work with more experienced ones

Why are people jog leaders?
– Without them the club wouldn’t function!
– To give something back to the club
– To get free membership
– To make friends and enjoy the jog leaders social  nights!

Could you be a jog leader? If interested please speak to one of the current leaders!

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